Selected Projects

CWI for NOx reduction

ShipIn December 2010 CWI for NOx reduction was Installed on M/S Froyanes Senior and M/S Seljevaer, both vessels operated by Ervik Havfiske AS, Stadtlandet Norway. In Februar 2011 CWI was installed on M/S Veststeinen, Måløy and in May on M/S Atlantic.

For further information see "CWI-Air Humidification"

Retrofitting of SCR catalysts

250 MW oil fired 2-Stroke diesel engine plant in China. Associated consultant in the planning, design, installation, test and commissioning and operation of NOx reducing equipment for six engines.

"SCR on Large Oil fired two Stroke Engines" for further information.

ADMD: Advanced Diesel Maintenance Diagnostics

ShipIT System made for the World leading containership operator for easy registration onboard of 2 Stroke engine wear data and automatic sending and presenting of wear statistics in Main Office for single vessels and vessel-series.
For operators of vessels with 2-Stroke engines from one or more designers like MAN, Wärtsila and Mitsubishi.

For more details "Advanced Diesel Maintenance Diagnostics (ADMD) – Marine Applications"

ADNOX a Unique System for 90% NOx reduction

ADNOX (Advanced Diesel NOx reduction) is a system for combined reduction of NOx and particulate matter (PM) in exhaust from diesel engines. Diesel or fuel oil is used as reductant for obtaining 90% reduction of NOx and PM (I.e. the system operates without using Urea/Ammonia). The NOx catalyst is developed in USA and is part of the ADNOX system as developed and patented by IFT Inc. The system has been operated for one year on a CAT 3512 operating on diesel oil. Further the System is tested on a CAT 3516 operating on natural gas.
ADB Power ApS is licensee for the IFT Catalyst system, supplied as turnkey ADNOx systems for marine applications.

For further information "ADNOX"

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